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Videos of the day: Allman Brothers and Steve Earle – Knocking on Heavens Door and Copperhead Road

Steve Earle allman brothersThe Beacon Theater – New York, NY.

Steve Earle got to play with the Allman Brothers, and what do the do? A song he said he always wanted to do with them, Copperhead Road plus a true classic done in a respectful way, Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Bruce Katz also sit in on keyboards.

Steve Earle 2

This happened just a few weeks ago.Lucky are the people who had tickets for that show!

The sound is a bit “sharp” but this was just too good to miss.

Knocking On Heaven’s Door:

Copperhead Road:


– Hallgeir

Video of the day: Tears of Rage – The Allman Brothers Band


A wonderful version of Tears of Rage (Dylan/the Band) from earlier this month at The Beacon Theater.


The song was first recorded in rehearsal sessions at The Band’s upstate New York residence, “Big Pink”, in 1967, with Dylan on lead vocal and The Band backing him. This recording and those from the rest of the sessions would not be officially released for another eight years, on the 1975 album, The Basement Tapes, although they were widely bootlegged in the late 1960s and early ’70s. It is considered one of the most widely acclaimed from The Basement Tapes.

The first official release of the song was as the first track on The Band’s debut, 1968 album Music from Big Pink, without Dylan and featuring Manuel on lead vocal. According to Levon Helm, “Richard sang one of the best performances of his life.”

– Hallgeir