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The Seven best music books of 2014

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The Seven best music books of 2014

When I read about music, I need to listen to the music I read about. A good red wine in the glass, or a good cup of coffee and the music playing in the background. The artists catalogue (and bootlegs) should be available to me, so that when I read about a concert or a record, I can listen to that music when I read. It is not always possible, but very often it is.  I need to set the mood.

I don’t look at the year of release when I buy music books, but I do buy interesting new releases.

I’ve plowed through about 30 books about music this year, most of them old books about music history (blues, country or certain albums), these are The Seven Best Music Books of 2014:

1. The Lyrics: Since 1962 by Bob Dylan


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