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Videos of the day: Steve Earle sings songs from The Low Highway


It has been a long time since Mr. Earle has played with The Dukes on record, and this time he has also included The Duchesses. It is sooo nice to hear him with a band again. We’re going to experience them live in a couple of months, things are looking bright!

low highway 1

The new album is fantastic (the songs I’ve heard).

I’ve searched the web for some live previews, they are not many and they’re hard to find. Here are 5 samples, most of them solo performances, but all of them are unbelievably good. This must be his best album in  years, even if he has a very high standard.


Burnin’ it down:

Low Highway:


That All You Got:

After Mardi Gras (Treme clip):

– Hallgeir