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Oh My God – it is Bob Dylan remixed

bd_laugh 2

Ok, I expect this post to stir up some reactions among the Bob Dylan followers, but I think the man himself would approve (just listen to the Masked and Anonymous soundtrack people…).

These days all artists gets “remixed” or “mashed-up” so why not Bob Dylan? His lyrics are often borderline rap-songs anyway, and his singing is rhythmically close to the way modern hip-hop artists do. Especially his early 60s stuff. Bob Dylan have always been concerned with what is called “flow” in his delivery. Words are not just words, it matters how they are sung.

Ok, so bear with me, open your mind and “enjoy” the ride.

Bob Dylan – It’s Alright Ma (J. Period Mix):

Bob Dylan – Masters of War (Scntfc American Remix):

Bob Dylan – Lay Lady Lay (Audio Anarchist Remix):

Bob Dylan – All Along the Watchtower (dubstep remix by Kayo):

Como una Pietra Scalciata (Like a Rolling Stone) – Articolo 31:

More a mash-up than a remix, but an official release from THe Masked and Anonymous soundtrack!

Tomorrow Is A Long Time – Bob Dylan (Telepath remix):

“Threat of the Man In The Long Black Coat” Bob Dylan Vs Jay Z mash-up remix:

Now, was it fun or just painful?

bd_laugh 1966

– Hallgeir (I kinda think the last one with Jay Z was interesting, and the first two were ok)

I must say that I haven’t talked to Egil about posting this, I would think he considers it close to blasphemy…