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Waterboys covers Bob Dylan – Happy Birthday, Mike Scott!

Waterboys Haugesund 1
photo: alldylan

I love The Waterboys in all it’s incarnations and I’ve had a relationship with them almost as long as with Bob Dylan. I have seen them live a lot of times, many more than I’ve seen Dylan. I know that a Waterboys concert is always good, sometimes magical. Last time I saw them was when they opened for Neil Young in Bergen 2014, they were great! They have played several venues in Norway 2015.

I’m a sucker for good cover versions and Mike Scott certainly knows how to do that. Please check out his reading (from his own book, Adventures of a Waterboy) down in this post, it is a wonderful story.

All the pictures were taken at a show in Haugesund, Norway in 2012.

Let’s start with a phenomenal version of Dylan’s Girl from the North Country:

And a live version from Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 8th December 2013:

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