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Look out for: The Lone Bellow

Lone Bellow 0

“You never need nobody
You’ve never been alone
And I try to get your affection
And all I ever do is wrong”

Brooklyn Country Music.

Brooklyn band the Lone Bellow has just released their self-titled album, and what an album it is! I was part of the Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the album. It is one of the best results of a Kickstarter campaign I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in.

lone bellow kickstarter


As you can see the band had a slightly different name before the record was released, by the time the impressive debut album, Williams had dropped his name from the billing.  From now on they are known as The Lone Bellow. The  three piece consists of lead singer and songwriter Zach Williams, mandolinist Kanene Pipkin, and guitarist Brian Elmqust. They  formed in Brooklyn but they  can all trace their roots music sensitivity to their Southern heritage.

You never need nobody (live on Conan):

Williams have released some albums (4?) in the last 6 years, I’ve only heard one of his solo efforts  and it was interesting and quite good  but I must say that The Lone Bellow is a big step in the right direction.

This is the first truly great album of 2013!

Bleeding Out (live):

In the changing climate of popular music, into a more folksy/indie move, The Lone Bellow will fit in very nicely. They’re like a more countryfied Arcade Fire, or a more anthemic Avett  Brothers. They are saviours of pop music, they are musicians who  master their craft. We can feel the joy of playing together, creating music, hell, creating art!

Lone Bellow 1

Lead singer Zach Williams writes songs that has a melancholy feel in a manner that conveys resolution and commitment. These are feelings derived from Zach William’s life experiences.  In 2005 his wife broke her neck in an accident shortly after they were married and was temporarily paralyzed. Williams came through this experience  stronger and more determined than ever, he wrote these great tunes that have strong undercurrents of faith and hope. Good music from bad experiences, who would ever imagine that, eh? Lucky for us, he chose to channel his feelings into his music.

lone bellow 2

Teach me to know (live at WFUV):

– Hallgeir