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The Best Dylan Covers: 16 Horsepower – Nobody ‘Cept You


There’s a hymn I used to hear
In the churches all the time
Make me feel so good inside
So peaceful, so sublime
And there’s nothing to remind me of that
Old familiar chime
’Cept you, uh huh you

The Best Dylan Covers: 16 Horsepower – Nobody ‘cept You

Dylan left for New York in October, 1973 to compose new material for album sessions scheduled in November. Dylan already had three songs (“Forever Young,” “Nobody ‘Cept You,” and “Never Say Goodbye”) which he had demoed in June, and when he returned to Malibu after twenty days in New York, he had six more.

A session (Nov 2nd)  was devoted to all three songs demoed in June, and Dylan and The Band succeeded in recording complete takes of “Forever Young” and “Nobody ‘Cept You” as well as the master take for “Never Say Goodbye.”

When Dylan and The Band reconvened at Village Recorder the following Monday, November 5, with Levon Helm now present, they made another attempt at “Nobody ‘Cept You.”

The last song recorded on the 9th was a new composition titled “Wedding Song,” which Dylan had completed over the course of the sessions. “Nobody ‘Cept You” was originally planned as the album’s closing number, but without a satisfactory performance, it would be omitted and replaced by “Wedding Song.” (The November 2 recording of Nobody ‘Cept You” was eventually released in 1991 on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991.) Both Wedding Song and Nobody ‘Cept You are wonderful songs and the one that surfaced on the Bootleg series is a very good take.

Secret South is 16 Horsepower’s third full-length studio album. Released in 2000, the album marked a distinct change in direction compared to previous efforts as it focuses more on storytelling over a more laid back soundscape. It had two cover songs, Wayfaring Stranger and Nobody ‘cept you.  The Dylan song is so immersed into the feel and concept of the album that you will think it was written for this record. Fantastic choice of song from David Eugene Edwards and 16 Horsepower.

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