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Bob Dylan: 5 great songs recorded in 1975

Studio E – Columbia Recording Studios – New York City – 28 July 1975 w/ Eric Clapton

This is not a “best from 1975” list, just 5 Great songs Bob Dylan recorded in 1975.

Romance in Durango

Studio E
Columbia Recording Studios
New York City, New York
28 July 1975

2nd Desire session, produced by Don DeVito.

First released on DESIRE, 16 January 1976.

Hot chili peppers in the blistering sun
Dust on my face and my cape
Me and Magdalena on the run
I think this time we shall escape


Live version from “Rolling Thunder 1” 1975:

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December 4: Bob Dylan plays Forum de Montréal in 1975 (videos)

bob dylan isis montreal 1975

I married Isis on the fifth day of May
But I could not hold on to her very long
So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away
For the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong
~Bob Dylan (Isis)

Dylan gives one of the finest shows of his career, as well as the longest of the 1975 concerts. A 23-song set (the opening Rolling Thunder show had just 16 Dylan songs) includes a six-song Dylan/Baez set and a three-song solo spot.
~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)

Forum de Montréal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
4 December 1975

  • Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar)
  • Bob Neuwirth (guitar)
  • Scarlet Rivera (violin)
  • T-bone J. Henry Burnett (guitar)
  • Roger McGuinn (guitar)
  • Steven Soles (guitar)
  • Mick Ronson (guitar)
  • David Mansfield (steel guitar, violin, mandolin ,dobro)
  • Rob Stoner (bass, vocals)
  • Howie Wyeth (piano, drums)
  • Luther Rix (drums, percussion)
  • Ronee Blakley (vocal)

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July 28 in music history

July 28: The late Mike Bloomfield was born in 1943 71 years ago (read more)

Michael Bloomfield was one of America’s first great white blues guitarists, earning his reputation on the strength of his work in the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. His expressive, fluid solo lines and prodigious technique graced many other projects — most notably Bob Dylan’s earliest electric forays — and he also pursued a solo career, with variable results. Uncomfortable with the reverential treatment afforded a guitar hero, Bloomfield tended to shy away from the spotlight after spending just a few years in it; he maintained a lower-visibility career during the ’70s due to his distaste for fame and his worsening drug problems, which claimed his life in 1981.
~Steve Huey (allmusic.com)

 mike bloomfield
 Bob Dylan recorded Romance in Durango in Studio E – Columbia Recording Studios, NYC in 1975. This was the 2th Desire session, produced by Don DeVito.  bob dylan desire
David “Junior” Kimbrough (July 28, 1930 – January 17, 1998) was an American blues musician. His best known work included “Keep Your Hands Off Her” and “All Night Long”. Music journalist Tony Russell stated “his raw, repetitive style suggests an archaic forebear of John Lee Hooker, a character his music shares with that of fellow North Mississippian R. L. Burnside”. Junior Kimbrough
 Hell Among the Yearlings is the second album by Gillian Welch, released July 28, 1998. All the songs on the album are written by Welch and David Rawlings.  GillianWelch_HellAmongTheYearlings
 Richard William “Rick” Wright (28 July 1943 – 15 September 2008) was an English musician, composer, singer and songwriter, best known for his career with Pink Floyd. A multi-instrumentalist, Wright’s richly textured keyboard layers were a vital ingredient and a distinctive characteristic of Pink Floyd’s sound. Wright frequently sang harmony and occasionally lead vocals on stage and in the studio with Pink Floyd (most notably on the songs “Time”, “Echoes”, “Us and Them”, “Wearing the Inside Out”, “Astronomy Domine” and “Matilda Mother”).  rick_wright

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