Thåström Photo special – Bergenfest 2012

Thåström Live at Bergenfest 2012, my seventh  concert with him, well actually I’ve seen him twice with Imperiet and five times as a solo artist, and he is improving with age! He’s a dark and brooding character on stage and I think he has never been better than he is right now.

He is a very intense man!

Click on the pictures to get an even higher resolution.

All photos by me, Hallgeir.


– Hallgeir

3 thoughts on “Thåström Photo special – Bergenfest 2012”

  1. Stemning i hvert bilde. Kunstneriske både artisten og fotografen. Gleder oss til Vikedal ja:)

  2. Great photoes, Hallgeir. Looking forward to see Thåström in Vikedal July 13.

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