The 7 Best Bob Dylan covers 2015

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I have collected 7 of what I consider to be the best Bob Dylan interpretations from 2015. And just to make it clear (for the n’th time) these are not better than the originals, I just like how they make us listen to familiar songs in a different way. They are also testament to the songs considerable strength, they work with other artists than Dylan himself.

By the way, and I normally don’t do this, that Forever Young version from the British talent show was bad!

7. The War on Drugs – Tangled Up In Blue:

6. Pops Staples – Gotta Serve Somebody:

5. Ron Sexsmith – Is Your Love in Vain:

4. Rhiannon Giddens and Iron & Wine – Forever Young:

3. Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard – Don’t think twice, it’s alright:

about the recording:

2. Peter Case – Long Time Gone:

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1. Watkins Family Hour – Going Going Gone

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– Hallgeir

4 thoughts on “The 7 Best Bob Dylan covers 2015”

  1. My Dear Hallgeir,

    Many thanks for this great post and also for all the other amazing contributions you made to ER in 2015 – all truly excellent material for study. Working through your 25 Best Albums playlist on Spotify I observed a clear liking for what might be termed alt country. Here are a couple of links to some tunes I felt pushed the boundaries a bit in this genre….apologies if you are already familiar with these artists.

    BTW, thinking about Dylan covers, did you ever offer any observations on the New Basement Tapes Lost On The River set. I can’t recall but I listened to this again recently. A bit of a mixed bag I would say. Kind regards for now and all the best to you and yours for a great 2016.

    1. Thank you! and will definitely check out artists you suggest (I have listened a bit to Alberta Cross before, really like them, C.C. Adcock is new to me) thanks for the tip

      I recently saw the Lost on the river documentary and found new appreciation for the songs, it was great to see how the songs on the album developed and were chosen.

      Happy New Year, Dave!

  2. Hallgier , you say the different artists’ covers of some of Dylan’s songs are a testimony of the strength of Bob Dylan’s songs . Also that they just sound different not better than the originals. Not to be unkind but those two statements have to be the most sugary coated attempt of flattery for the covers via Bob’s super songwriter .

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