The birthday boy’s 5 best songs (George Jones that is)

George Glenn Jones (born September 12, 1931) is an American country music singer known for his long list of hit records, his distinctive voice and phrasing, and his marriage to Tammy Wynette.

Over the past 20 years, Jones has frequently been referred to as “the greatest living country singer.”

 Country music scholar Bill C. Malone writes,

“For the two or three minutes consumed by a song, Jones immerses himself so completely in its lyrics, and in the mood it conveys, that the listener can scarcely avoid becoming similarly involved.”

Throughout his long career, Jones made headlines often as much for tales of his drinking, stormy relationships with women, and violent rages as for his prolific career of making records and touring.

His wild lifestyle led to Jones missing many performances, earning him the nickname “No Show Jones.” With the help of his fourth wife, Nancy, he has been sober for over 10 years. Jones has had more than 150 hits during his career, both as a solo artist and in duets with other artists.

The shape of his nose and facial features have given Jones the nickname “The Possum.” Jones said in an interview that he has chosen to tour only about 60 dates a year.

He has the greatest voice in country music, and he is so goddam cool!

These are the 5 best songs by George Jones:

5.  If drinking don’t kill me (her memory will) audio:

4.Things have gone to pieces:

3. Say it’s not you:

2. She thinks I still Care:

1. He stopped loving her today:

The greatest country voice of his generation!

– Hallgeir