The unboxing of Bob Dylan’s Lyrics: Since 1962 (a photo story)

unboxing lyrics-1_Snapseed

Yes, we were both very excited!

unboxing lyrics-2_Snapseed

That blue stuff was just some padding to protect it, and here we get the first glimpse of the book.


unboxing lyrics-3_Snapseed

It looks very fine, and it’s big!

unboxing lyrics-4_Snapseed

Did I say that it was big?

unboxing lyrics-5_Snapseed

I put the mask there just to add some color and a hint of the size.

unboxing lyrics-7_Snapseed

Nice picture pages for all the albums.

unboxing lyrics-6_Snapseed

Now I need to start looking into the lyrics, it’s a very fine book!

– Hallgeir

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  1. The Lyrics? No No read the articles first and go and check out the variations of lyrics that have are reproduced…

    Good luck reading this, you lucky b….

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