Today: Carter Stanley passed away in 1966 47 years ago

Carter+Ralph Stanley

“That was Carter Stanley, the forgotten Stanley Brother, the one who died young without ever getting a decent payday, much less an armful of Grammys. In bluegrass circles, his star has never dimmed, and for good reason. Without Carter, there would have been no Stanley Brothers, perhaps the most revered brother act in country music history. Carter was the founding member and the driving force, while kid brother Ralph, at least in the early years, mostly tagged along for the ride.”

– The Washington Post (about the forgotten Stanley brother)

Mother’s at rest in a lonesome old graveyard

On a hill far away, I stand

Grass covered over, it seems so neglected

When spring season comes, the flowers will bloom

– Memories of Mother (Carter Stanley)

The Rank Stranger:

From Wikipedia:

Birth name Carter Glen Stanley
Born August 27, 1925
Big Spraddle Creek, Virginia,U.S.A.
Died December 1, 1966 (aged 41)
Bristol, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Genres Bluegrass, Old-time
Occupations Guitarist, singer, songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1946–1966
Labels Rich-R-Tone, Columbia, Mercury,Starday, King
Associated acts The Stanley Brothers, Ralph Stanley, Bill Monroe

Carter Glen Stanley (August 27, 1925 – December 1, 1966) was a bluegrass music lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitar player. He formed the Stanley Brothers band together with his brother Ralph. The Stanley Brothers are generally acknowledged as the first band after Bill Monroe & the Blue Grass Boys to play in the bluegrass genre. According to some historians, their recording of “Molly and Tenbrooks” (aka “The Racehorse Song”) marked the beginning of bluegrass as a genre.

Weeping Willow:

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Complete Columbia Recordings (1996)


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