Today: Laura Cantrell released Not the tremblin kind in 2000


“It is my favourite record of the last ten years and possibly my life”
– John Peel

This is a good album, a very good debut!

It’s a mix of Cantrell’s own compositions and songs from other very gifted songwriters. THey are performed in a sincere and fresh style. It sounds traditional and fresh at the same time, just what the country scene needed. Laura Cantrell is a great interpreter, she has an expressive voice and she knows how to get a story across.

Laura Cantrell – Not the tremblin’ kind, St Andrews in The Square in Glasgow, October 2013 – part of the Glasgow Americana festival:

“Cantrell reclaims the essence of country songwriting, but she also puts subtle twists on familiar slice-of-life songs about whiskey drinkin’, relationships gone sour, livin’ on the road, and simple girl-wants-boy longing. Her music, whether inherently sad or jubilant, is always delivered with convincing sincerity. She’s also not afraid to explore uncomfortable psychological truths in intimate and eloquent detail.”
– Michael Sandlin (Pitchfork)


I bought this album on the strength of hearing just one track on Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, When the roses bloom. I bought everything I could find of hers, she is a great country singer and songwriter. I play her albums a lot, she reminds me of Kitty Wells in her singing and Dolly Parton in her songwriting, yes, she is that good!


Not the tremblin’ kind on Spotify:

– Hallgeir

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