Today: Live Rust by Neil Young and Crazy Horse was released in 1979


Live Rust is a live album by Neil Young & Crazy Horse, recorded during his fall 1978 Rust Never Sleeps tour.

Live Rust composed of performances recorded at several venues, including the Cow Palace outside San Francisco. Young also directed a companion film, Rust Never Sleeps, under his directorial pseudonym “Bernard Shakey”, which consisted of footage from the Cow Palace  (Young had wanted to give the live album the same title, but Reprise vetoed the idea, fearing confusion with the earlier album, Rust Never Sleeps).

The CD version of the album was slightly edited to fit on a single compact disc, which were limited to 74 minutes at the time this album was first issued on CD. To adhere to the time limit, a little over one minute of the guitar solo “Cortez the Killer” was eliminated.

To take out a whole minute from one of those rare perfect songs, it is just wrong! …and it is the shortened version that is available on Spotify as well.

Cortez The Killer (with the entire solo!):

Live Rust repeat four songs from Rust Never Sleeps (album) and Neil Young was accused of releasing the same material over again (He had also released the compilation album Decade in 1977).

I like that he did release it and Live Rust is an excellent concert album, one of the best. He gave us a fantastic document from a great tour.

The album goes from slow, folksy tunes to raging rockers, Young’s versatility is astonishing.

.. and we don’t have those fucking goblins from the concert film running around.

Live Rust on Spotify:

– Hallgeir

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