Video of the day: Robert Ellis sings Im On Fire by Bruce Springsteen

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis has an incredible voice, he’s a very good songwriter and a fine interpreter of other people’s songs. He is a Texas singer-songwriter with country leanings and has recently released his third album,The Lights From the Chemical Plant. It is the best album released in 2014, so far.

“Robert Ellis began performing as “Robert Ellis & The Boys” early in 2010, forming a foundation in the classics of country music and gradually incorporating original songs. The self-released LP, The Great Rearranger was sold at shows, but Ellis found a higher level of success when American Songwriter’s Magazine named his second album Photographs as one of the top 50 albums of 2011. Robert Ellis is a New West recording artist. In 2012, Ellis relocated from Houston, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee”
– Wikipedia

Robert Ellis – I’m On Fire (Springsteen)

– Hallgeir