Video of the day: Stevie Wonder with The Rolling Stones Uptight and Satisfaction

stevie and mick

“Stevie Wonder is second fiddle to no one.”
– The New York Post

The Rolling Stones American Tour 1972, often referred to as the S.T.P. Tour (for Stones Touring Party), was a much-publicized and much-written-about concert tour of The United States and Canada in June and July 1972 by The Rolling Stones. Rock critic Dave Marsh would later write that the tour was “part of rock and roll legend” and one of the “benchmarks of an era.”

Stevie Wonder was the support act for the tour.

Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones – Uptight/Satisfaction (live, 1972):

Stevie Wonder talks about his tour with the Stones:

Bootleg from the '72 Tour
Bootleg from the ’72 Tour

– Hallgeir