What we know about Bob Dylan’s new album Triplicate (UPDATED)

It will be called Triplicate and it is a triple album.

Divided into three thematically themed discs:
disc 1: ‘Til The Sun Goes Down – songs of life in its autumn days, of memory and time now past
disc 2: Devil Dolls – songs of fairly hot love and love gone cold
disc 3: Comin’ Home Late – songs about love and how the promise of love magnifies the beauty of life, questioning life’s meaning and finding it in the hopes of love.

From BobDylan.com:
Each disc to be presented in a thematically-arranged 10-song sequence, illuminating compositions from great American songwriters interpreted by Dylan through his artistry as a vocalist, arranger and bandleader.”

The expected release date is March 31st 2017

Produced by Jack Frost (aka Bob Dylan)

For Triplicate, Dylan assembled his touring band in Hollywood’s Capitol studios to record hand-chosen songs from an array of American songwriters.

Check out:
 The songs from Bob Dylan’s new album Triplicate sung by Frank Sinatra (3 Playlists)

The first song from the album is I Could Have Told You:

Several songs have been performed live.
01. I Could Have Told You – Borgata Event Center – Atlantic City, NJ – 2016.07.10 (disc1)
02. That Old Feeling – Borgata Event Center – Atlantic City, NJ – 2016.07.10 (disc 1)
03. How Deep Is The Ocean? (How High Is The Sky?) 07:52 – The Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA – 2016.07.13 (disc 2)
04. I Could Have Told You – The Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA – 2016.07.13 (disc1)


It will be available in these formats:
Amazon MP3
3-CD 8-Panel Digipak
Standard vinyl set
Deluxe Vinyl Limited Edition

Vinyl cover

The song Once Upon A Time, performed at the Tony Bennett 90th birthday concert, is included on disc 1:

It consists of 30 “American Standards”:

Disc 1,‘Til The Sun Goes Down:

1 I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plans
2 September of My Years
3 I Could Have Told You (released, see video above)
4 Once Upon a Time
5 Stormy Weather
6 This Nearly Was Mine
7 That Old Feeling
8 It Gets Lonely Early
9 My One and Only Love
10 Trade Winds

Disc 2,Devil Dolls:
1 Braggin’
2 As Time Goes By
3 Imagination
4 How Deep is the Ocean
5 P.S. I Love You
6 The Best Is Yet to Come
7 But Beautiful
8 Here’s That Rainy Day
9 Where Is the One
10 There’s a Flaw in My Flue

Disc 3, Comin’ Home Late :
1 Day In, Day Out
2 I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night
3 Sentimental Journey
4 Somewhere Along the Way
5 When the World Was Young
6 These Foolish Things
7 You Go to My Head
8 Stardust
9 It’s Funny to Everyone but Me
10 Why Was I Born

Sources: Bobdylan.com, Npr.com, Amazon

18 thoughts on “What we know about Bob Dylan’s new album Triplicate (UPDATED)”

  1. I will buy this and no doubt enjoy it like I have almost every Dylan album. No complaints here.

  2. I agree with everybody. Was looking forward to the bootleg discs from the gospel period as well as anything new at all, and am totally surprised by another 30 standards… that said, Bob sounds in good voice on what I’ve heard, so he seems compelled to actually sing these tunes! A very good sign for things to come. And he had them in the can, so if he didn’t put them out, bootleggers would have! … Bob is no Sinatra, but really, he does most of these songs justice … and he has certainly earned the right to do whatever the heck he wants to do.

  3. “My One And Only Love” is very beautifully done on the John Coltrane/Johnny Hartman album. Sadly I doubt Bob’s version will compare well.

  4. There have been rumors of rumors… I already had stalled my plans for tickets, will now dismiss them. Not that I don’t sometimes appreciate him doing these songs, he’s good at it though mostly without creating that old Dylan tension I like, so I am not waiting for it either. And this triplicate is just overkill. I gets me weary, wishing for the days when he had people around him that dared to stand up and offer him sound advise now and then (Bob Johnson, Knopfler and Lanois, even if they had it wrong?)

    1. I’m thinking, let him get it out of his system. Then come out with a fantastic new album of originals.

      I’m holding on to my ticket for the April show, I’ve enjoyed the Sinatra stuff live, and I’m sure this will be a good tour

      1. You’re right… and live I mostly am moved by his Sinatra stuff, yet I just like his own songs better, and believe he still has some poems in him that could take us through these dark times, even if they’re not political…

      2. I kind of agree this might be his direction. These 30 songs were recorded last February and he’s incorporated a lot more of his originals in his last set of concerts, so he might already be moving on from this material and working on that rumored new album of originals with Lanois.

        Having said that, I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to a new set of standards, let alone 3 discs worth, but being a big fan and trusting the artist I did preorder this.

  5. difficult to get excited about this. do we really need 3 more ‘Great American Songbook’ cd’s ? will Bob promote this on the European Tour ?
    waiting for the next Bootleg Series 1979-81 ! now that will be interesting ………

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