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Wilco – The Posters

May 15, 2013 by Hallgeir Olsen

wilco poster 1

The Concert/Gig poster scene is a thriving scene. It is a tradition that started in the 60′s and is still going strong. Posters are a sound investment, a nice memorabilia and often a true piece of art. I have collected posters for some years and look for original works, preferably numbered gig posters.

The majority of indie bands (and also a few on major labels) have a growing collection of poster art that is just too incredible to simply throw away once the show has ended.

Wilco has always had great posters, I have collected my 13 favorite (among hundreds I think….) Wilco posters. Enjoy.

Seek them out and put them up on your walls.

wilco poster 2

wilco poster 3

wilco poster 4

wilco poster 5

wilco poster 6

wilco poster 7

wilco poster 8

wilco poster 9

wilco poster 10

wilco poster 11

wilco poster 12

wilco poster 13

– Hallgeir

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