4 good and one great version of Bob Dylan’s Sweetheart like you

sweetheart like you

Sweetheart Like You is a song to a woman, it sounds like a love song, but also a warning not to stray away from home/God.

It was released on the album Infidels that was released October 27, 1983.

Oliver Trager’s book, Keys to the Rain: The Definitive Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, mentions that some have criticized this song as sexist. Indeed, music critic Tim Riley makes that accusation in his book, Hard Rain: A Dylan Commentary, singling out lyrics like “…a woman like you should be at home/That’s where you belong/Taking care of somebody nice/Who don’t know how to do you wrong.” However, Trager also cites other interpretations that dispute this claim.

Some have argued that “Sweetheart Like You” is being sung to the Christian church (“what’s a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this?”), claiming that Dylan is mourning the church’s deviation from scriptural truth. I think this is stretching the analysis a bit too far, but everyone is entitled to his/her opinions.

I love the melody, I love the song.

Let us start with the 4 good ones:

Very fine version from World party/Carl WallingerSweetheart Like You (Audio):

Rod Stewart – Sweetheart Like You (audio):

Jimmy Lafave – Sweetheart Like You (live, 2013):

Guy Davis – Sweetheart Like You (live, 2011):

And last but not least, the great original by Bob Dylan, the official video.
Bob Dylan – Sweetheart Like You:

– Hallgeir

3 thoughts on “4 good and one great version of Bob Dylan’s Sweetheart like you”

  1. Perennial fav song of mine! Genius Bob at work. Wonder what Carla is doing these days. Thanks for the post!

  2. The song is sexist and wrong and twisted and full of love. It’s from the 70’s a different world closer to the 30’s than now. Where a WWII vet with one arm was the lucky one who survived. Where the draft was killing men at any time. You can hear the rage, the anger the sneer in Bob’s voice, one inch from crying. But men couldn’t cry. And women found safety in their place, but have become lost in our new and better world. Home meant aunts and sisters and mothers and men who provided safety. Now every woman is lost and alone and supposed to do it herself. That’s Where You Belong. Takin Care of Somebody. Remember the old people from that old world? Where women had a place in this world and weren’t expected to become men? A Whole Man not a Half. What is expected of men: to be a WHole man to provide to care to be strong to lead and to carry. That’s the other half of “That’s Where You Belong”.. Both had their place so clear but it’s not so clear anymore.

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