6 acoustic Bob Dylan covers by Ron Sexsmith (part 3)

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Ronald Eldon “Ron” Sexsmith (born 8 January 1964) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from St. Catharines, Ontario.Sexsmith started his own band when he was 14 years old and released recordings of his own material in 1985 at age 21. He was the subject of a 2010 documentary called Love Shines.

We really like Ron Sexsmith here at Alldylan, and Ron really knows how to sing Bob Dylan’s songs. He has a great YouTube series where he covers a lot of artists, he picks songs across a many genres. He has done a lot of Bob Dylan songs, I’ve picked 5 more favourites.

Tight connection to my heart:

Dear Landlord:

Man of Peace:

Lenny Bruce:

She belongs to me:

Slow train coming:

– Hallgeir

One thought on “6 acoustic Bob Dylan covers by Ron Sexsmith (part 3)”

  1. Hallgier, the young gentleman has a lovely voice. Sometimes in listening to youthful singers I miss some of the grittiness of understanding that can only come with time, but Mr. Sexsmith seems to getting the gist of the unfathomable depth of Bobby’s poetical/musical mission in life. Youth will always be served as was Bobby’s when he was young, but he’s still out there singing messages written in the riveting iron of age. In my 80s I’m now ascending into the attic of being an elder member of the tribe of troubadours who have roamed the countrysides since the beginnings of their tradition a thousand years ago in southern France and Italy. And at 83 I’m not the me I used to be but like Bobby, “I’m too busy living to be busy dying.” Here’s a song I’ve recently written that speaks of the journey from the ‘way back of then to the new times of now.’ It’s titled, “The Old Troubadour.” Give it a listen and see what age has to say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-KlUVLdKsg

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