Bass player Tim Drummond died today – Rest in Peace

bob dylan 1979
Tim Drummond with Dylan at Warfield in 1979


Bass player Tim Drummond died today –  Rest in Peace

Tim Drummond, born Timothy Lee Drummond, 20 April 1940, Bloomington, Illinois, USA was sadly reported dead today, January 11th. He played with a lot of great artists, Bob Dylan during “the Gospel Years”, Neil Young, Ry Cooder and James Browne among others. Drummond has co-written songs with many of the artists he has worked with, including: “Saved” (Bob Dylan), “Who’s Talking” (J.J. Cale), and “Down In Hollywood” (Ry Cooder). He often plays as part of the session rhythm duo Tim & Jim with drummer Jim Keltner.

Great musician, he will be missed.

Here are many videos from his fantastic performance with Bob Dylan in Toronto in 1980

“He joined Brown’s band, touring with great players such as Jimmy Nolen and Maceo Parker in North America, Vietnam, Korea and Africa, but eventually quit. Drummond then moved to Nashville, playing sessions for blues and R&B singers including Joe Simon, Margie Hendricks, Fenton Robinson, and country artists including Ronnie Mislap, Jimmy Buffett, Doug Kershaw and Charlie Daniels. A meeting with Neil Young resulted in Drummond playing on Young’s highly successful Harvest, and touring as part of his Straygators backing group. Drummond moved to California, where he has become an in-demand session player, working with a stellar list of artists including Young, Bob Dylan (Slow Train Coming, Saved, Shot Of Love), Ry Cooder (Bop Till You Drop, The Slide Area, Borderline), J.J. Cale (Naturally, Travel Log, Anyway The Wind Blows), Crosby, Stills And Nash (CSN), Graham Nash (Wild Tales), the Beach Boys (16 Big Ones), John Mayall, Rick Danko, Don Henley (Building The Perfect Beast) and Jewel (Pieces Of You).”

Neil Young – Long May You Run (with Tim Drummond, MTV Unplugged):

Tim Drummond with Neil Young
Tim Drummond with Neil Young’s band The Stray Gators


Neil Young – Down by the River (with Tim Drummond on bass, Austin City Limits):

Tim Drummond remembers meeting Dylan in 74.
During CSNY’s groundbreaking 1974 tour, Bob Dylan stopped by the band’s hotel and sat down with Stephen Stills and bassist Tim Drummond.

“He played us all the songs from Blood on the Tracks on acoustic guitar. We were on twin beds, across from each other. Oh God, I can’t tell you how great it was. At one point Stephen said something to him about the songs not being good. I was so Goddamn embarrassed. He was probably coked out. Dylan, being the arrogant man that he was said, ‘Well, Stephen, play me one of your songs.’ That was the end of it. Stephen couldn’t even find one string from another at that point.”

– Tim Drummond, (Rolling Stone Magazine)

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  1. Mr.Tim Drummond,this is a another sad start of this year.

    Roger Neumann,Norway

  2. Earl’s Court, June 27th 1981, my first Dylan concert, and one of the most memorable nights of my life. Tim Drummond, a great player at the core of one of Dylan’s greatest bands. RIP.

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