Bob Dylan @ Avignon, France 1981 (Video)

bob dylan avignon 1981

July 25: Bob Dylan Avignon  France 1981 (Video)

As Dylan concludes his moderately successful European tour, tragedy strikes with cwo deaths in the crowd. “Saved” is seconds old when the stage is shrouded in darkness as a member of the crowd falls onto the electrical cables. In the confusion a girl falls from a wall. Dylan and the band are forced to improvise some acoustic rhythms on stage until power is finally restored, after which Dylan performs a 25-song set to an enthusiastic crowd. The set includes five songs from Shot of Love: “In the Summertime,” “Shot of Love,” “Lenny Bruce,” “Watered Down Love,” and “Heart of Mine.”
~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day 1941-1995)

Palace des Sports
Avignon, France
25 July 1981

  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • Fred Tackett (guitar)
  • Steve Ripley (guitar)
  • Willie Smith (keyboards)
  • Tim Drummond (bass)
  • Jim Keltner (drums)
  • Clydie King, Carolyn Dennis, Regina Havis, Madelyn Quebec (background vocals)

The embedded video is ~57 min and includes the songs in bold from the setlist:

  1. Saved (Bob Dylan/Tim Drummond)
  2. Instrumental Jam
  3. Saved (Bob Dylan/Tim Drummond)
  4. I Believe In You
  5. Like A Rolling Stone
  6. Till I Get It Right (Red Lane/Larry Henley)
  7. Man Gave Names To All The Animals
  8. Maggie’s Farm
  9. Girl From The North Country
  10. Ballad Of A Thin Man
  11. In The Summertime
  12. Shot Of Love

    Carolyn Dennis:
    Walk Around Heaven All Day (Rev. James Cleveland/Cassietta George)
  13. The Times They Are A-Changin’
  14. Let’s Begin (Jim Webb)
  15. Lenny Bruce
  16. Slow Train
  17. Mr. Tambourine Man
  18. Solid Rock
  19. Just Like A Woman
  20. Saved By The Grace Of Your Love (Willie Smith/David Palmer)
  21. Watered-Down Love
  22. Jesus Is The One
  23. Heart Of Mine
  24. When You Gonna Wake Up
  25. Forever Young
  26. In The Garden
  27. Blowin’ In The Wind
  28. It Ain’t Me, Babe
  29. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

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  1. This got me thinking of my all – time greatest Dylan tours…

    2. 1976
    3. 1981
    4. 1975
    5. 1965
    6. 1984
    7. 1990
    8. 1987
    9. 1995
    10. 1978

    I was lucky enough to attend the 1978,81,84,87,90 and 95 UK shows. Favourite show would have to be the glorious Wembley 1984 show just ahead of the Birmingham 1981 show with the ‘City of Gold’ encore.

  2. die ewige Werbung geht mir gepflegt auf den sack – save me from that!

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