November 23: Bob Dylan private concert – Philadelphia, 2014 (video)

bob dylan Philadelphia 2014

bob dylan private concert 2014

From youtube:

Bob Dylan does a one man concert in Philadelphia for a Swedish TV experiment. “From Experiments Alone – Episode 6 – Bob Dylan”

“Seeing his biggest idol live is in fact often a fantastic experience. But how is it to do it all alone, without anyone else in the audience? Fredrik Wikingsson know. On November 22 2014 played Bob Dylan in Philadelphia, only for him.”

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Academy Of Music
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
23 November 2014

Private afternoon concert

  1. Heartbeat (Bobby Montgomery/Norman Petty)
  2. Blueberry Hill (Al Lewis/Larry Stock/Vincent Rose)
  3. It’s Too Late (Chuck Willis)see comment from Pete Read
    You’re Too Late (Lefty Frizzell and Herman Willis)
  4. Key To The Highway (Charles Segar/Big Bill Broonzy)

  • Bob Dylan (vocal, grand piano & harmonica)
  • Stu Kimball (guitar)
  • Charlie Sexton (guitar)
  • Donnie Herron (steel guitar)
  • Tony Garnier (bass)
  • George Receli (drums & percussion)

More pictures:

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8 thoughts on “November 23: Bob Dylan private concert – Philadelphia, 2014 (video)”

  1. I truly love this but even more the whole 15′. The whole story. The before and after.
    I hope to find it again somewhere but thanks for sharing this.

  2. The Swedish TV crew must’ve been well-hidden all over the stage area and also not too far away from that “lucky guy” in the sixth row. Even so, I wonder if this little private medium was, in effect, an advanced sound-check show, and then some.
    Dylan’s voice sounded clearly confident as a crooner-come-lately. However, at 10:23, his reaction to the one-man-audience clapping looked to me more like a sneer than an amused smile. But I liked the sarcasm in Dylan’s latest quotable quote – “you can come anytime”.

  3. I was at the show that night and I wish I had known he was doing a private show earlier. Pretty interesting stuff, though I felt very uncomfortable for the guy there. Seemed a little awkward at times, probably a nice pay day for Bob.

  4. Bloody marvelous! I think that guy handled it pretty well and Bob showed he`s got a sense of humour. Thanks guys.

  5. Dylan sounds pretty good. Wonder why he chose those particular songs? Who would have thought it – Dylan has become an old-time crooner.

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