Bob Dylan Quiz – Lyrics from the 90’s

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Photo: Keith Baugh

OK, we’ll try a lyrics quiz.

Lyrics are easily google-able, but there is a time limit & to google the lyrics is cheating.. and no fun, and no honor.

Please have fun & be honorable!

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PS! – The statistics from our 3 earlier quiz’es shows that only about 10% of the people taking the quiz choose to be a part of the “Leaderboard”. Leaderboard shows only top 100.

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5 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Quiz – Lyrics from the 90’s”

  1. That was fun. We need more of those! Thanks. Would’ve liked to know which one I missed and the correct answer. DId I miss it?


    1. Hi Steve,

      You missed question 5. The one about kingdom & blind horse 🙂

      Thanks for participating & having fun 🙂


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