Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson performing together (Videos)

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[blockquote cite=”Mr. WordPress” type=”left, center, right”]He’s [Willie Nelson] like a philosopher, you know. He gets to the heart of it in a quick way, gets it out and it’s over. And this leaves the listener to think about it.
~Bob Dylan (28 April 1993).[/blockquote]

Celebrating Willie Nelson’s 81st birthday… I’ve put together 4 videos where he’s on stage with Bob Dylan (and a

Check out: Happy birthday Willie Nelson


1. KRLU-TV Studios – Austin, Texas – 28 April 1993
Filming of Willie Nelson 60th birthday party

(a brilliant) Pancho And Lefty:

2. Fort Worth Stockyards – Fort Worth, Texas – 4 July 2005
Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic

You Win Again:

His [Willie Nelson] guitar playing is really, you know, pretty phenomenal. I don’t really see anybody giving him any credit as a musician, but in my book he’s up there on top.
~Bob Dylan (28 April 1993)

3. CBS TV Studio – Nashville, Tennessee – 13 January 1993
Broadcast in the CBS special, A Country Music Celebration, 6 February 1993

Heartland: somebody obviously stole the sound from Bob’s mic… we need to compensate:

He [Willie Nelson] takes whatever thing he’s singing and makes it his. There’s not many people who can do that. Even something like an Elvis tune. You know, once Elvis done a tune, it’s pretty much done. But Willie is the only one in my recollection that has even taken something associated with Elvis and made it his. He just puts his sorta trip on it…
~Bob Dylan (28 April 1993)

4. University Of Illinois – Champaign, Illinois – 22 September 1985
Farm Aid Concert

  1. I’ll Remember You (Not with Willie Nelson)
  2. Trust Yourself (Willie Nelson – acoustic guitar):
  3. Maggie’s Farm (Willie Nelson – acoustic guitar):

..and the bonus:

6. KRLU-TV Studios – Austin, Texas – 28 April 1993
Filming of Willie Nelson 60th birthday party

(again a brilliant) Hard Times (not with Nelson, but still…):



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  1. “Trust Yourself” is amazing, a minor Bob Dylan song that absolutely rocks in the live version posted here. A perfect illustration of Bob Dylan’s capacity to invest his energy in his most obscure compositions is on display here.

    1. Thanks Carl,

      I agree .. “Trust Yourself” rocks! .. way better than the album version (but that goes without saying really…)


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