Bruce Springsteen concert Bergen – Day2

Here are my votes from the second Bergen concert:

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Hallgeir will update the post later with his comments & pictures.

Me @ the concert taking notes…. while securing my beer 🙂


Here is a report from the other half of JV (Hallgeir).

Top 10 songs Bergen day 2:

1. Racing in the Street
2. Youngstown
3. Badlands
4. Born to run
5. Murder Incorporated
6. Rosalita
7. Long Walk Home
8. Johnny 99
9. Out in the streets
10. My City of Ruins

and while I’m at it, here are my top ten from Oslo:

1. The Promise
2. The Promised Land
3. My City of Ruins
4. Streets of Fire
5. The River
6. Johnny 99
7. The Rising
8. Born to Run
9. Born in the USA
10. Two Hearts

The Oslo and Bergen shows were great and very unique and different experiences, and it’s hard to pick a favorite. The first night in Bergen may have been the most loose and fun show, Bergen the second night may have been the best musically and with the most exciting selections of songs, and Oslo may have been the best over all concert with a little bit of everything. I think the audience was better in Bergen, both those concerts was more geared towards a rock’n roll party than the soul revue in Oslo (at least that was what I felt).

The Oslo show didn’t feel longer than Bergen night two even if it was extremely long.

If I was forced to pick a favourite it would be Bergen the second night, but with Oslo and Bergen the first night very close. Thea (my twelve year old daughter) saw her first Springsteen concert in Oslo and that was a great experience, just watching my daughter experiencing Bruce for the first time and remembering the feeling from my first show, great feeling!

– Hallgeir (all photos by me, except for the beerdrinking Egil)

Sorry no pics from Oslo…


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    1. Yeah, I saw that and got’em!
      Thanks for taping them, great job! Especially Bergen the second night had good sound.

      Do you know if the Oslo show was recorded (with OK sound)?

      – Hallgeir

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