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July 12: Bob Dylan in Kristiansand, Norway 2014 (review & audios)

dylan krsand-2We “knew“ he had to play the standard” setlist tonight, but he took us by surprise yet again. This might mean that  a new standard setlist is busy being born. Only two changes from the Stavern show; Watching the River Flow opens (Most Likely You Go.. opened @ Stavern) and Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum replaced “Blind Willie McTell” at #11.

It was a wonderful evening @ Bendiksbukta, great area, not too much people & good festival logistics. All these things were bad at Stavernfestivalen. But most important off course; the show was in a different league. Almost every song performance was better than last shows performances, even the brilliant Stavern-version of “Girl From The North Country” was slightly better @ Bendiksbukta.

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Alldylan reporting from Bergenfest 2015 – Day 2

John Grant bergenfest 2015-5

John Grant, Bergenfest 2015

The best concert at Bergenfest this year. I should say; so far, but I cannot imagine anyone topping this fantastic concert. We’ve seen John Grant three times in Bergen, and his audience keeps growing. It is well deserved, he’s an artist of global format. And when I say artist I mean that in the truest sense of the word. His lyrics are deep, personal and profound. His melodies are exceptional.  A joy from beginning to end, we ravelled in melancholia and we danced. He is funny and he is sad, and he is brilliant! (Hallgeir)

An artist penetrating your mind with hard & beautiful poems. He’s real, he’s honest, he’s scary, he makes us think, wonder, understand & dream. What more to say?

Baby, you’re where dreams go to die.
I regret the day your lovely carcass caught my eye.
Baby, you’re where dreams go to die.
I’ve got to get away. I don’t want to, but I have to try.
Oh, baby!

John Grant bergenfest 2015-6

Where Dreams Go To Die (Strongroom Session):

“Let’s make certain that we don’t get into too good a mood, here are some more depressing songs” 

John Grant bergenfest 2015-3

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The best concerts of 2014: Hallgeir

Robert Plant
Robert Plant Bergenfest Norway 2014 photo:AllDylan

Best concerts of 2014:

1. Robert Plant Bergenfest Norway

Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters were, well, sensational at Bergenfest 2014.

I saw around 60 concerts this year (I may get 2-3 more before the end of the year) and here are my list of the 25 best concerts 2014. Already looking forward to great shows in 2015.


Bob Dylan Kristiansand Norway 2014 photo: AllDylan

2. Bob Dylan in Kristiansand, Norway 12 July 2014


jonathan wilson 1-1

3. Jonathan Wilson Bergen August 

Those were the top three, here are the 22 next on the list:

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Neil Young and Crazy Horse and Waterboys Bergen August 1 2014 a report – videos

neil Young bergen 2014 4

 What a night it was!

We, me and my wife Kathrine, drove up to Bergen in warm and sunny weather and the forecasts said that was the way it would be at the venue in the evening as well. The fucker in control of the weather should get a beating. We’ve never been so soaked in our entire lives, and we’ve lived in Bergen for more than 7 years (yeah, I know, we should know better than to trust the weather forecasts in Bergen).

Neil Young selfie 2014

We wouldn’t be wetter if we jumped into the fjord (I tried to hold my mobile-phone still, but to no avail, it rained too hard!).


Waterboys were great, it is always hard to play second fiddle, but they did a good set. If it was a stand-alone gig, with more Waterboys fans it would’ve been a night to remember. Today they were “warm-up” to the main attraction. Mike Scott knew this and at a point he said:

“Normally I play a guitar-solo at this point, but not before Neil Young, do you think I’m crazy?”

When they started Glastonbury Song the heavens opened, at first I was thinking that a guy with a hose stood behind us and soaked us in water, but then I realized that the gods had flushed the skies. We were wet to our underwear in two minutes.

The Waterboys set list:

1. The Whole of the moon
2. We will not be lovers
3. I’m still a freak
4. The Pan within
5. A girl called Johnny
6. Low down in the broom
7. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
8. Mad as the mist and snow
9. Glastonbury song
10. Fisherman’s blues

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Neil Young & Crazy Horse came on and played Be the rain (not played live in about ten years), it was so fitting, and it seemed like a thing he decided there and then, but I know that the song had been rehearsed at sound check earlier on the tour.  That doesn’t matter, we became the rain, his message soaked in, the stage was set.

We had tickets for last years cancelled show, and we jumped at the opportunity when new a new show was announced. Last years show was cancelled when Frank «Poncho» Sampedros broke his hand. Last night “Poncho” had a great shirt on, it depicted an X-Ray of a hand flipping us the finger.

This night we got the environmental-cowboy Neil Young , he was a rabid preacher and a true force of nature, and he did a tremendous job! We got the guitar wall and we got the tender protester, Neil Young gave us his best.

The highlights of the evening for me was, Love to burn and Tonight’s the night.

Tonight’s the night:

In addition to being a preacher and a guitar-god he did two acoustic numbers, a beautiful Blowing in the wind that drifted into a very good Heart of gold. All good, in fact, all great!

neil young bergen 3

Heart of Gold:

Last I saw Neil Young he gave us a greatest hits set and it was superb, last night he chose more carefully. The Concert had a theme, this time Young had an agenda, he has an important message: we need to save our earth! No less. And it was just as good. He has a treasure-chest of songs, and many of the songs that are kind of underwhelming on record, comes to life in a live setting.

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