Bruce Springsteen’s 10 best songs – according to Hallgeir

Ok, so where do I start? Do I pick one from each of his ten best albums, or do I divide his career into 10 year periods and pick equally from every period? Or do I simply let my emotions decide, and pick what feels right today? That’s what I ‘ll do, like I allways do, I go with what feels right at this particular moment.

Springsteen is a fantastic songwriter and a formidable performer, for me he is easily in the top 3 both as a singer/songwriter and as a performing artist.

To pick 10 songs from the hundreds he has written is not easy, but here we go.

1.) Racing in the Streets

My main post on Racing In The Streets

2.) The Promise

My main post about The Promise

3.) The River

4.) Thunder Road

5) Adam Raised a Cain

6.) Tougher Than The Rest

7.) Jungleland

8.) Lost In The Flood

9.) Atlantic City

10.) The Ghost of Tom Joad

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That’s my list as of today. There are many good songs that didn’t make the list today, but maybe (or most certainly) the list will be different tomorrow. There are so many good songs to choose from, and to just pick 10 songs is torture.


– Hallgeir

3 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen’s 10 best songs – according to Hallgeir”

  1. Good choices and would not make the list bad at all, they are great songs.

    …but I stand by my list, just went through it, and yes, they are still my 10 chosen songs.

    Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.

    – Hallgeir

  2. From my perspective “Promised Land” and “Growin’ Up” need to be in the top 10.
    My number 1 is Thunder Road. Great music, beautiful, poetic imagery. A rock masterpiece.

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