Jace Everett live in Haugesund 2012

Jace Everett and his excellent band gave us a sweet but short concert in Haugesund last night, maybe it was because they had caught “The Svalbard Flu” that it was over so fast or maybe that’s the way they do it. I prefer longer shows, but I know a lot of people who prefer them short and sweet.

Mr. Everett clearly struggled with sickness but he gave his best, and we got some great tunes, old and new.

The following song was described as “A blues in E for those of you who keep track of those things” I cannot recognise the song. It might be from his new album, which he described as an album of religious songs, ” it should fit right in here in Norway”.

Edit: Thanks to Lisafemmeacadienne (check the comments) who told me the song was One of them from the 2010 album Red Revelations. How did I miss that! I think  I should also say that the comment about the song and Norway was delivered in a very “tongue in cheeck” manner.

The song has some strong religious images, and it kinda reminds me of a song Tom Waits/Nick Cave could do. Good song.

Despite beeing sick, Jace Everett is a true entertainer, and delivered inspired versions of his songs, and he was a really funny guy, joking through the show.

The second new song of the night, was a slow brooding tune. And i find myself looking forward to his new album called Terra Rossa (Red Earth). It is finnished and just waiting to be released. Again the theme is religion, and Everett talked about how  he had grown up a “religious psychopathic redneck”, “Yeah, that’s what I would call myself, looking back at me at sixteen” he said.

He talked about how he was “pushing” bibles and still managed to get laid, with all  the guilt that followed of course. Jace Everett is personal and has a great sense of humour.

Bad Things was introduced as “that song”. It doesn’t seem fair that this should be the song (the only song!)that almost everyone recognizes him from, It’s a good song, but he has so many songs that are equally good, and it was not the highlight of the evening for me. That honor goes to Business is Booming and a rousing rendition of the old rock’n roll classic, Fade away to end the show.

– Hallgeir

3 thoughts on “Jace Everett live in Haugesund 2012”

  1. The unknown song is “One of Them” from Jace’s 2011 album, “Mr. Good Times.”

    Nice article!

    1. Of course it is! I cannot understand how I missed that!

      … but anyway thanks for the correction, and the kind words.

      PS: the Post will be edited at once

      – Hallgeir

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