May 19: Bob Dylan The Night We Called It A Day at Letterman 2015

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May 19: Bob Dylan The Night We Called It A Day at Letterman 2015



In a rare television appearance, legendary musician Bob Dylan will perform on the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, Tuesday, May 19 (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

This will be Dylan’s first performance on the LATE SHOW in nearly 22 years. His only performance on the CBS broadcast took place Nov. 18, 1993, during the show’s inaugural season on CBS. Previously, he had performed on Letterman’s “Late Night” show twice, on March 22, 1984 and on “Late Night’s” 10th anniversary show Jan. 18, 1992.

Dylan joins the previously announced Bill Murray on the Tuesday, May 19 show, part of the LATE SHOW’s final three broadcasts. As part of this three-night event, Tom Hanks and musical guest Eddie Vedder will appear Monday, May 18. Letterman’s final broadcast of the LATE SHOW will take place Wednesday, May 20

Here he is with a very fitting song, The Night We Called It A Day. Dressed in a black suit with red trim, and a white shirt with a black string tie, BobDylan sang this a jazz standard from the 1940s. It appeared on Dylan’s latest album,  Shadows in the Night. Dylan’s voice was incredible.

Bob Dylan – The Night We Called It A Day:

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12 thoughts on “May 19: Bob Dylan The Night We Called It A Day at Letterman 2015”

  1. Bob can appear so uncomfortable onstage sometimes! It’s hilarious considering that he’s been there once or twice before. One of his truly endearing qualities is that appearance of human … is it insecurity, or just unease? Ha — certainly not insecurity. I love this version of this song, but like so many I’m eager for “the greatest songwriter of modern times” to get back to doing just that.

    1. Me too. Please, let him be finished with this “experiment” now 🙂

      Shadows in the night is the least played Bob Dylan album in my house, I haven’t played it more than about 10 times (the whole record) …at the most.

  2. I’m pretty close to Bob in age, so the songs on SitN are familiar and I’ve always loved the early pop/jazz vocalists. The voice is my favorite instrument and his voice my lifelong favorite. Not sure if it’s a generational thing but surely everyone – at least every adult – has experienced the emotions expressed in those songs. Definitely not music to party to but incomparable, imo, in vibrating with the human heart. His voice is caressing the emotions. The band is sublime as well. Hope you find your connection with it.

  3. Hearing the show live through my awful tv speakers, I thought he sounded a bit hoarse – considering how many songs he’s been singing over the last few weeks – but THIS was gorgeous. Heartbreakingly tender and full of raw emotion accented by the fist clenching – which apparently can signify anger, happiness (doubtful on this song) or even to trigger memory. In any case, Bob’s dedication to offering up the truth and beauty of real emotion always shakes open my heart with love and graditude. Long may you reign and, please lord, let me continue this joyful devotional practise asap.

    1. I agree, It was great! I’m still not convinced about his latest album, but I’m warming up. I really like three of the songs now and looking forward to his three small-venue concerts in Oslo this fall.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Somehow it sounds even better than the studio take to me, but that can be because you see him doing it. Comparisons are dangerous… Anyway, it proves how right he was in taking up Sinatra’s songbook. Beautiful and touching.

  5. This vision of Bob is very moving. Thank you for bringing it here. I have always loved him and everything the wonder of his creative spirit manifests. I keep watching this performance and even without the sound so I can see different things. When he’s singing the words ~ Sad though his song ~ see his hand ….. Hearing and seeing together is heartwrenching, his voice and the music such a tender moment in the flow of life, yet I get the impression there is something wrong… my heart reaches out, I send my Love.
    When Letterman speaks of all we need to know, it brings to mind a quote from Keats that touched me many moons ago ~ Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know ~

  6. It made me very happy that Bob was great, especially in front of a national tv audience. Good song choice too.

  7. Taped this last night, his voice did sound great. I thought he would do Stay with Me since he’s been doing that in concert for over a year and that also would have fit but it was a good performance. I love his awkwardness at the end too when Dave comes over to shake his hand.

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