Photo Special: Yuma Sun live in Kopervik 1 Feb 2014

Yuma sun Hell awaits-1
Hell Awaits

I did a write-up on Yuma Sun’s latest release a few weeks ago, I really loved the album and was eager to see them play the new material on stage. I did see them yesterday and they didn’t disappoint…at all!  It was a very tight set, a bit short (they were one of three bands this night) but superb.

Yuma sun ghost hand-1
Ghost Hand

The new songs works very well live and hopefully we will see them many times on the festival circuit this summer (and on stand-alone jobs for that matter). They have developed quite a stage show, a mix of a cabaret show and a prayer house meeting. Jaran Hereid looks more and more like an intense preacher!

Yuma Sun blue conductor-1
Blue Conductor

Highlights: Rose, Gospel Crossfire and Oleana

Yuma Sun bow bleach-1

All photos are taken with my trusted compact, Nikon Coolpix A. I am not too bothered with the technical aspect of photography, I am trying to catch a mood and freeze time.   Pretentious, moi?

Yuma Sun preacher-1
Preacher 1

The new album, Hell, is on Spotify!

Yuma Sun Yellow and Blue-1
Yellow and Blue
Yuma Sun yellow drums-1
Yellow Drums
Yuma Sun Guitar BW-1
Guitar in BW
Yuma Sun angry mf-1
Angry MF
Yuma Sun bow drums-1
Bow to Drums
Yuma Sun preacher 2-1
Promise of salvation
Yuma Sun Guitar n bass bleach-1
Guitar and Bass
Yuma sun fiddle on drum-1
Fiddle on Drum

Feel free to use the pictures, but would appreciate a link to when/if you do 🙂

– Hallgeir

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