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Bob Dylan: The Posters

2015 poster

Bob Dylan: The Posters

Posters and flyers are an integral part of promoting concerts and music festivals. A well-designed gig poster will help any band to look more cool and can help to generate interest for the artists and their show.

It started in the 60s with the psychedelic images of the hippie scene. It got a revival with DIY of the punk scene in the late 70s and there is a revival these days. What am I talking about? The Gig posters. The silk screen prints done in a limited number of prints and works of art in their own right, but also the mass-produced pr material used by big arena artists. The originality of these posters are sometimes more striking than the music itself.

Bob Dylan have always had nice gig posters, and they have gone through changes as the artist has changed from the 60s until today.

Here are some of AllDylan’s favorites:

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