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Curtis Mayfield released Roots in October 1971


Roots is Curtis Mayfield’s second studio album, released in October 1971, we don’t know the exact date so we will do the celebration today.

Curtis Mayfield – Keep on keeping on (BBC TV, 1972):

I love Mayfield’s pleading voice and strong songwriting. In a just world this album would be as well-known as Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin on, it is equally good. It has many similarities with What’s Goin’ on, the long songs (relatively), the far-reaching ambition both lyrically and musically, the heartbreaking and soulful ballads and the sweet voice of a soul legend at his peak.

The music is extremely bold, Curtis Mayfield creates a sound scape that is both complex and simple at the same time.

And you can dance to it!

Curtis Mayfield – Get Down (Soul Train, 1972):

“The music is even bolder than the material on the Curtis album, with Mayfield expanding his instrumental range to the level of a veritable soul orchestra; and the recording is better realized, as Mayfield, with that album and a tour behind him, shows a degree of confidence that only a handful of soul artists of this era could have mustered. “
– Bruce Eder (allmusic)

Curtis Mayfield – Roots on Spotify:

– Hallgeir

New album: Olav Larsen and The Alabama Rodeo Stars – Memory Lane


Memory Lane (and other songs of love and hope) by Olav Larsen & The Alabama Rodeo Stars (OL&TARS) has been five years in the making. Why? “Personal issues” are stated as being the reason for this long-awaited release. I really like the band’s two first albums, and they received some well deserved praise upon their release.

Perhaps it takes someone from such a great distance to authentically come to grips with the true breadth of Americana.”  – Dallas Observer

ol 1record

ol record 2

I have been eagerly waiting on a new record from Olav Larsen and his companions. Is it as good as I’ve hoped for?

I’ll come to that, first a bit of history.

Olav Larsen was raised in the Norwegian town of Sandnes and introduced to his father’s music collection of blues greats including Blind Willie McTell and Robert Johnson which again led to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. As Olav began to fine-tune his own tastes it was a healthy diet of Guy Clark, John Prine, Steve Goodman and Townes Van Zandt that he first feasted on, before turning his attentions more recently to Bright Eyes, Will Oldham and Howe Gelb among others. (press release)

Ol Band pic

Allmusic (introduction to the review of their first album):

You’ve got to love the back story of Olav Larsen & the Alabama Rodeo Stars. Larsen’s all-American alt-country, it seems, is made by an African-Norwegian who found his way there via records by Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, Neil Young, Uncle Tupelo, John Prine and the like. The Alabama Rodeo Stars? Never seen Alabama. Scandinavians all. But no gimmick, this.

Ok, that was the history lesson, so how is the new album?

It is a better sounding record that’s for sure. The sound is fuller and it has a distinct sound, the sound on the songs are more a part of  a “whole album”, a more complete experience. The production sounds more professional. I do not know who has produced and mixed the album, but it sounds really good!

Apart from the production, what strikes me the most is the musicianship. The players are at the top of their game and they clearly have a genuine love for the music. It sounds like they are having fun. They have a great band dynamic and it often feels like it was recorded live in the studio. This is hard to pull off, but this band does it!

Foto: Tor Olav Rydlende

When Olav Larsen sent me the songs, he said, “I hope it’s not too country for you.” I replied, “Can it ever be too country?” He laughed.

There are songs on the album that are really honky-tonk, but there are elements of blues, gospel and rock’n roll all through the record. This isn’t slick Nashville or pure Bakersfield, it is a stew. It is a mix of all the good things in country music. This is real roots music.

Let’s take a  look at the songs. 11 song about love in all it’s glory, and in all it’s misery. Songs you can only sing after you’ve lived some.

Let’s listen to the fine title track, Memory Lane (live acoustic):

Memory Lane (Studio version):

Great song!
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