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Bob Dylan’s best songs: Up To Me

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Bob Dylan - UpToMe

I don’t think of myself as Bob Dylan. It’s like Rimbaud said, ‘I is another.’
~Bob Dylan (Biograph liner notes)

In its own way ‘Up To Me’ is as masterful an achievement as ‘Tangled Up In Blue’, using much the same technique to create a well-crafted juxtaposition of ‘what I know to be the truth’ and what I’m projecting’.
~Clinton Heylin (Still on the Road: The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol. 2, . 1974-2008)

“Up To Me” was recorded 19 September 1974:

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The Best Dylan Covers: Roger McGuinn – Up To Me

Cardiff Rose

The Best Dylan Covers: Roger McGuinn – Up To Me

Up To Me was released on the album Cardiff Rose, a solo studio album by  ex-The Byrds frontman Roger McGuinn, released in 1976. The album, produced by Mick Ronson, was recorded on the heels of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue 1975 tour, in which both McGuinn and Ronson had participated. The album includes a pirate tale “Jolly Roger”, a song about King Arthur’s “Round Table”, and a classic version of Joni Mitchell’s “Dreamland”.

Stylistically, the album varies from traditional sounding folk and sea chanty music (such as the aforementioned “Jolly Roger”) to hard, gritty rock tunes strongly influenced by the burgeoning punk rock movement (such as “Rock and Roll Time”).

“Roger McGuinn’s inspired participation with Bob Dylan’s epic 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue tour led the bard to offer McGuinn this exquisite outtake from Blood on the Tracks for his inclusion on Cardiff Rose, perhaps his finest solo album. Easily on a par with all of the excellent songs on that album, McGuinn did here what he does best with outside material: he synthesized it to make it sound like his own. A multi-layered and first-person confessional ballad, it’s a love song that is akin to a painting or a film, complete with flashbacks, allegories, and foreshadowing. The powerful sense of dignity and responsibility here is, as always, engaging, and stands up to repeated listening as much as any Dylan material from this period. McGuinn does it extreme justice, with a rocked-up, energetic arrangement that is quite different (but equally as effective) as Dylan’s original, which has been often bootlegged.”
– Matthew Greenwald / Allmusic

Written by Bob Dylan and recorded by Dylan during the Blood on the Tracks sessions of 1974. Dylan’s original is very reminicent of “Shelter From the Storm,” keeping roughly the same melody  (but not quite). Roger McGuinn does it a bit different. Like he did in his Byrds days, McGuinn electrified the song and turned it into a folk-rock gem.

The acoustic Dylan version wasn’t released until the early ’90s when it appeared on the The Bootleg Series Vol. I-III. 1985 when it appeared in the box-set Biograph (thank you, Chris Burke).

Cardiff Rose (1976 album) version by Roger McGuinn:

Up to me – Roger McGuinn (Audio, studio version, from a Mojo magazine compilation):

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Bob Dylan: 10 best songs recorded in 1974

bob dylan 1974

1974 is an important year in the life of Bob Dylan.

I’ve put together a list of the ten best songs recorded (studio or live) this year. One rule applies: it has to be officially released in some form. I’ve nominated 25 songs & I challenge everyone reading this to set up their own “Bob Dylan – Top 10 songs recorded in 1974”. Feel free to ignore my nominated songs list and please use the comments section to share lists & thoughts.

…and by the way lists are fun.

Relevant albums

Before The Flood
Released June 20, 1974
Recorded February 13–14, 1974, in Los Angeles,
except track 4: January 30, 1974, in New York
Blood On The TracksReleased January 20, 1975

Recorded September 16–19, 1974, at A&R Recording in New York,
New York and December 27–30, 1974, at Sound 80 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

BiographReleased November 7, 1985
Recorded November 1961-August 1981
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3
(Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991
Released March 26, 1991
Recorded November 1961 – March 1989
 Bob Dylan Bootleg_series_1-3
Blood on the Tracks – New York Sessions
source: Original test pressing
Recorded 16 September – 8 October, 1974
 bob dylan new york sessions

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