The 9 Best Bob Dylan Covers – according to Paste Magazine (Video & Audio)


A great list published back in April 2009 over @

Here is top 9 & the final part of this series of blogposts.

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9. The White Stripes – “One More Cup of Coffee” (from “The White Stripes” – 1999)

fairport convention uhalf

8. Fairport Convention – “Percy’s Song” (from “Unhalfbricking” – 1969)


7. Emmylou Harris – “Every Grain of Sand” (from “Wrecking Ball” – 1995)


6. Buddy Miller – “With God On Our Side” (from “Universal United House of Prayer” – 2004)

richie havens mixed bag

5. Richie Havens “Just Like a Woman” (from “Mixed Bag” – 1967)


4. The Byrds “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” (from “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” – 1968)

Live 1968:


3. Antony and The Johnsons – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” (from “I’m Not There” – 2007)

johnny cash orange blossom special

2. Johnny and June Carter Cash – “It Ain’t Me, Babe” (from “Orange Blossom Special” – 1965)

Live 1973:


1. Jimi Hendrix – “All Along the Watchtower” (from “Electric Ladyland” – 1968)

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10 thoughts on “The 9 Best Bob Dylan Covers – according to Paste Magazine (Video & Audio)”

  1. OLD PA
    all good of course
    1. Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watch Tower
    2. Grateful Dead – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (Masked and Anon)
    3. Joan Baez – Fairwell Angelina
    4. Byrds – You Ain’t Going Nowhere
    5, Lucinda Williams – Positively 4th Street (Village)

    Close 6th – Bruce Springsteen – I want You

  2. correction – The WaterBoys – Death is Not the End ( right album wrong song title)

  3. Speaking to their top 50 list rather than just the top ten, they actually got a lot of them right, or arguably right anyway, and it is all subjective and a matter of Taste.
    Unless I went thru the list too quickly and missed these, here are the most glaring Omissions-
    The 2 most glarinig omission – Jimi Gets a second in the top 10, that isn’t even in the top 50- LIke a Rolling Stone ( Monnetray Pop)
    And Old Crow Medicine Show finishing an incomplete Dylan composition and getting a gold record for it- Wagon Wheel
    Jimi Gets another – The Drifters escape.
    Rambling Jack Elliott – Don’t think Twice
    Amanda Ghost- Every Grain of Sand
    Ritchie Havens – Tombstone Blues
    The Handsome Family – Just Like Tom Thumb
    The Band – Blind Willie McTell ( the arrangement for Dylan’s Own live version ever since, just like Jimi’s Watchtower)
    The Waterboys – 90 Miles an Hour down a Dead end street and Girl From The North Country
    Liam Clancy with a tear in his eye singing Don’t think twice, live, not on an album, on Utube ( find it! worthwhile)

    There should also be a list of Dylan’s Greatest Covers. Many Dylan fans complain or are dissmissive of it whenever Bob does covers, rather than originals, They are wrong, dead wrong. Bob is a ridiculously good arranger of song, in fact, it rivals his ability as a lyricist, that is why he is BOB DYLAN and no one else is in the same league.

  4. Great list, great fun, some things I agree on, others not so much. But thats the way it if for all of us I guess.

    Really, really loved the Johnny Cash-version of “It aint me babe” its a wonder of that man could make any song more or less his own.

  5. I did not have internet acces at the time the list was compiled.
    Then I would have put up one cover that is so unusual…
    Check out Youssou NDour and his version of Chimes of Freedom in Wolof,
    his mother tongue…I have seen and heard him perform it at the Paradiso
    in Amsterdam….there are several versions of it on youtube
    Of course nowadays he is the Minister of Culture in Senegal….

  6. BRAVO! I’ve really enjoyed your presentation of Dylan’s top 50 Cover Songs. I’d say I’d agree with about 35. I totally agree with your # 1 with Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower which he totally makes his own with those grest guitar solos. I’m also glad to see Sandy Denny with Fairport Convention at #8 with “Percy’s Song”. Her voice is so Heavenly. I’ve already posted my feelings about choosing Nico’s version of “I’ll Keep It With Mine”. I also acknowledge that it was chosen by Paste Mag. Paste actually stiffed me because I had a 12 issue subscription with them when they went to e-issues. I didn’t have a computer at the time. Anyway, Thanks for The special Dylan tunes as covered by other artists accompanied by vids. Peace Be With You! sincerely, SMRZ!!

    1. Thanks your comments Bob,

      I’ve really enjoyed reading them! Love to hear people’s opinion’s.

      I’ve not made my own list yet… But I I agree with paste regarding number 1. White stripes would be higher up on my list… and…
      Hmm.. I think we need to make a list together here at JV as well..
      Hallgeir ?


    2. Great comments over these 5 posts Bob.
      I agree with Jimi being number 1, as would most people I think. I am just disappointed Highway 61 from Second Winter isn’t up there in the top 3 or at least 5.

      As far as Paste goes, I would have pushed for a refund on my unused issues since they reneged on a contract. I did that with Rolling Stone after purchasing a subscription to the print version about five years ago and wasn’t happy with the explicitly sexual ads. My son was 9 at the time. They refunded me the full subscription cost after three issues. It took a few phone calls but was worth it, just out of principle.

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