Playlist: Bob Dylan sings about the passing of time

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Bob Dylan seems to be very aware of his age these days, that he has fewer days ahead of him than behind him. He has often reflected on this, even when he was a young man, come to think of it.

I have collected some of his most profound musings on the bittersweet fact that time slips through our fingers. Some of my choices are obvious and some are not, I sometimes read thing into songs that others do not.

Please, tell us what should have been on the playlist in the comments section.

Not Dark Yet (official video):

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12 thoughts on “Playlist: Bob Dylan sings about the passing of time”

  1. “Let Me Die In My Footsteps”
    Although it has pretty direct references to war, and a little less directly to the cold war, the concept is broader than that. Think off it in relation to a “bucket list”, or a movie such as “The Shootist”. It also works in comparison to aphorisms such as “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees”, or “I’d rather die climbing a mountain than lying in bed”. It’s about enjoying life instead of fearing death.

  2. Well, I’m sitting’ on my watch so I can be on time… (Bye & Bye)

    We live and we die, we know not why, but I’ll be with you when the deal goes down…

  3. Missisipi: Every step of the way we walk the line, your days are numbered so are mine, time is piling up, we struggle and strife, we are all boxes in, nowhere to escape. Gerard Boeijen

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