November 5: Charles Bradley is 66 Happy Birthday

Charles Bradley (born 5 November, 1948, Gainesville, Florida), commonly referred to as “The Screaming Eagle of Soul,” is a funk/soul/R&B singer signed to the Daptone Records label under the Dunham Records division.

His performances and recording style are consistent with Daptone’s revivalist approach, celebrating the feel of funk and soul music from the 1960s and 1970s. One review stated that Bradley “echoes the evocative delivery of Otis Redding”


Read our interview with Mr. Charles Bradley

We at Johannasvisions have seen Mr. Bradley in concert many times, every show was a unique and wonderful experience.

Happy Birthday Charles Bradley!


All photos taken by me at the Oyafestival

– Hallgeir

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  1. To be a bit more serious, we have Dylan’s radio show and his interviews and writings as a map to all this music. We try to spread this music as far as we can and we believe it is in the spirit of Bob Dylan, so to speak.

    So we will continue to write about folk, soul, country, rock, rock’n roll, jazz, blues and other music that we feel could be or has been featured on Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour.

    – Hallgeir

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