Bob Dylan & The Band: “Basement Tapes Complete” reviews & relevant articles

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 In decades of listening to these recordings in varying quality what I’ve always heard is a singer sharing some of his favorite songs in hopes of finding the inspiration to create new ones. The joys and treasures of both can be found on these six discs.
~Peter Stone Brown

It’s out.. and we’re listening. There a lot of music to binge on here.

While listening it’s also fun to read about this wonderful release, and that’s why I put together this post. It’s a collection of links to relevant articles about the “The Basement Tapes Complete”.

This post will be updated.

Great written reviews:

OK written reviews:

Boring reviews:

Background & Other:

Not that interesting, but if you want it all…..

Not only did [Bob Dylan] write the biggest volume of stuff of his career … he’s also written the best stuff of his career.
~Sid Griffin (Author of “Million Dollar Bash”)


And Off Course… You’ve gotta order this book:

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  1. Regarding Basement Tapes: Just ran into a link ( = ) from BBC documenting a phone interview (aired very recently like maybe yesterday) with Garth Hudson. It’s a great story, and there are clips of the interview. Apparently a one point Garth stopped talking and started playing. I only listened to one clip: a 3:30 -long clip llabelled “…Garth Hudson discusses Dylan and plays One Too Many Mornings and The Patriot Game” . Ofter some odd banter, Mr. Hudson’s wife chimes in saying “He wants to play something.” And Mr. Hudson starts playing a piano and delivers some very beautiful music… even over a transcontinental telephone connection, it’s quite beautiful.

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