Two fine documentaries about Prog Rock


Two fine documentaries about Prog Rock

I have always shunned prog rock, well, not always. When I was from 7-12 I listened to a lot of it, but I was liberated by garage music and punk rock (and later, folk and country music). Prog will never be my favorite kind of music, but lately a lot of the bands I’ve listened to have had elements of progressive rock, symphonic elements, conceptual ideas, rapid changes and far-out lyrics.

I have liked experimental Beatles, Frank Zappa, a bit of Genesis, two records by King Crimson (Discipline and Three of a perfect pair) and some Pink Floyd, but this was different…

What the hell was happening? I needed to find out some more…

The best way to do this is for me to go to YouTube, and I found several very good programs.

Timeshift: Prog Rock (documentary, 2013):

I have my take on prog, and purists will most likely say that it is not “true prog rock”. I have read a lot of discussions on music forums on the web, where people really get into heated discussions about the “pureness” of prog.

 “Do NOT let the name fool you, it is not progressive rock. Not true progressive rock (no elitism) anyway like Pink Floyd and Genesis. It’s actually a form of alternative rock but is structured complex and philosophically like progressive rock is. ” – Prog rock discussion

Prog Rock Family Tree (docu):

I don’t care, I like what I like. Here is a Spotify playlist with “My kind of prog” (please start bashing me in the commentaries):

– Hallgeir