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Two fine documentaries about Prog Rock


Two fine documentaries about Prog Rock

I have always shunned prog rock, well, not always. When I was from 7-12 I listened to a lot of it, but I was liberated by garage music and punk rock (and later, folk and country music). Prog will never be my favorite kind of music, but lately a lot of the bands I’ve listened to have had elements of progressive rock, symphonic elements, conceptual ideas, rapid changes and far-out lyrics.

I have liked experimental Beatles, Frank Zappa, a bit of Genesis, two records by King Crimson (Discipline and Three of a perfect pair) and some Pink Floyd, but this was different…

What the hell was happening? I needed to find out some more…

The best way to do this is for me to go to YouTube, and I found several very good programs.

Timeshift: Prog Rock (documentary, 2013):

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The seven Best Box Sets of 2014

Bob Dylan Basement Tapes Complete box set

Best Box Sets of 2014

A box set (or boxed set) is a set of items (for example, a compilation of books, musical recordings, films or television programs) packaged in a box, for sale as a single unit…contemporary box sets are usually made up of three or more discs boxes, covering a broad range of boxes of the music of a given artist or genre. Artists and bands with an extremely long and successful career often have anthology or “essential” collections of their boxes of music released as box sets. These often include rare and never-before-released tracks.

Our list has box sets that has audio, film and tv recordings and books. It’s been a good year for box sets.

1. Bob Dylan and The Band – The Basement Tapes Complete, The Bootleg Series Vol.11:

bob dylan_basementtapes

A treasure that has to be enjoyed in portions, it’s so overwhelming. If you try to take it all in, you’ll be guaranteed to miss some of the gems in this chest. Better sound than on the bootlegs and a lot of songs we hadn’t heard before. I would have put it on the top spot just for Sign on the cross to be honest, that one song is worth the whole set.

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Motorpsycho live in Haugesund April 4 2014 Photo Special

motorpsycho haugesund 2014-18

Last night was maybe the best Motorpsycho concerts I have ever seen, but come to think of it, I always say that after a Motorpsycho gig. What a band, always interesting, always different and superb all the time!

This is not a review as such, other than to tell you it was incredibly good!  We just wanted to share some photos with you guys.

And seriously, you have to see them if you can. They are spaced out and groovy one minute, drowning us in “guitar walls” the next before they venture into intricate jazzy improvisations. Every concert is a magical trip, it sounds like a cliché but when describing Motorpsycho it is about the only thing close to a fitting explanation.

I loved the acoustic set! Hell, I loved the entire show!

Enjoy the pictures, if you use them please include a link to Johannasvisions.

All pictures taken with a Nikon Coolpix A compact, I’m not too worried about the technical aspects of photography. I want to catch a mood. So put on their last album, look at the photos and sink into the wonderful world of Motorpsycho.

– Hallgeir

motorpsycho haugesund 2014-1


  • Blueberry Daydream
  • Stay Young
  • Sideway Spiral 1
  • Waiting For The One


  • Cloudwalker
  • No Evil
  • Hey, Jane
  • On A Plate
  • Starmelt / Lovelight
  • The Magic And The Wonder (A Love Theme)
  • Hell pt. 1-7
  • Upstairs and Downstairs
  • Cornucopia (…Or Satan, Uh… Something)
  • Serpentine
  • All Is Loneliness
  • Plan #1


  • Kvæstor
  • The Promise
  • Hyena
  • Entropy

motorpsycho haugesund 2014-17

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Video of the day: Motorpsycho covers Stay Young by Gallagher and Lyle

Motorpsycho stay young

Last night I saw an incredible cover version of Gallagher & Lyle’s 70s hit Stay Young at the Norwegian talk show, Trygdekontoret (“Social Services”). Trygdekontoret is hosted by Thomas Seltzer (“Happy Tom”), bass player and songwriter in Turbonegro, and every program has musical guests doing a cover song, often a great one!

Last night it had one of the best I’ve seen on the show, Motorpsycho played Stay Young. Stay Young is written by the Scottish duo Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle and is a track from the 1975 ( 1976?) Gallagher & Lyle album, “Breakaway”.

In the United States “Stay Young” was covered by Don Williams late in 1983 and it became his fifteenth number one country hit. 

Made me long for a new Tussler album…


Motorpsycho – Stay Young (Trygdekontoret, March 5 2014):

and the original

Gallagher & Lyle – Stay Young (it starts about 4:15 into the video):

and Don Williams’s number one hit

Don Williams – Stay Young (it starts about 3:54 into the video):

– Hallgeir