5 Fantastic piano ballads played live by Bruce Springsteen


There are lots to be said about Springsteen as a live artist, his energy and stamina are most often focused on. His quiet moments in the shows are equally profound. He manages to make arenas small and intimate, we really feel like he is singing just to us. An incredible feat.

Let us start with one from Norway, Bruce Springsteen – The Promise Oslo, April 30, 2013. :

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road on piano at Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis MN on October 12/2005 (audio)

“Thanks, I’ll do a song I haven’t, I think I’ve played it on this tour, I’ve given it a rest for a while, some of those old bastards need that, you know how it is, they need a rest, but I wanna play this one tonight for a special friend of mine, J.J, if you’re, I hope you’re still here (J.J: “I’m here”) oh, alright, this is for you, my, my, my good friend…..”

According to Backstreets Magazine, J.J is a young man who is battling leukemia and who met Bruce before the show and was present at the soundcheck.

Bruce Springsteen gives a solo piano performance of Independence Day in Paris, France on July 4, 2012 during the Wrecking Ball Tour:

Bruce Springsteen – My Hometown (Filmed at U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH, USA. 12-11-2002):

Bruce Springsteen performs You’re Missing on Grand Piano during a rehearsal for a the TV show SNL on October 5, 2002 – complete take and  it’s an incredibly moving performance:

– Hallgeir