Alldylan reporting from Bergenfest 2015 – Day 3

Levellers Bergenfest 2015-3

Alldylan reporting from Bergenfest 2015 – Day 3

The Levellers are an English rock band, founded in 1988 and based in Brighton, England. They infuse their punk-like music with folksy elements.

Levellers was the most fun on the third day at Bergenfest. We were recommended this concert by some friends that are devoted Levellers fans, and have seen them several times. They told us that this would be a party. We hit the booze and enjoyed a roller-coaster ride of a rock’n roll show. People sang, drank, laughed and danced (well, Mark Chadwick told us to  jump up and down). It was great fun! We got the impression that this was a good but not top show from The Levellers (from our experienced friends). But I will most certainly go and see them again if I get the chance.

Levellers Bergenfest 2015-4

Levellers Bergenfest 2015-1


Nathalie Prass Bergenfest 2015-3

Natalie Prass (born March 15, 1986) is an American singer-songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. She began writing songs when she was in the first grade, and formed a band with Matthew E. White in the eighth grade (check out our report from day one to read about M.E. White’s concert). On January 27, 2015, Prass released her eponymous debut album on Spacebomb and Columbia Records. It was recognized as one of the Best New Albums by music review website Pitchfork. The album was produced by Matthew E. White and Trey Pollard at Spacebomb Records in Richmond, Virginia.

A sweet and short set from Natalie Prass gave us a taste of what she might be capable of. It would be great to see her and the band in a full concert setting. She has some good songs, but I would prefer it if she leaned more towards her more folksy/americana tunes. She is also playing at Øyafestival in August, I will see her again there.

Nathalie Prass Bergenfest 2015-1

Tori Amos Bergenfest 2015-1

Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos; August 22, 1963) is an American singer-songwriter, pianist and composer. She is a classically-trained musician and has a mezzo-soprano vocal range. She has received eight Grammy nominations.

Tori Amos has some really devoted fans, and it was easy to see that they got what they came for, She is an intense singer/player, but I haven’t got that kind of relationship to her material, and to me she came across as a lesser talented Kate Bush. Please don’t crucify me, just about everyone are less talented than Kate Bush… It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very exciting either. A nice enough time in the sun, but it didn’t make me want to look into more of her music.

EDIT: I got a comment (read below) that my writing about Amos could be interpreted as sexist. I am sorry if that is the case, it was never my intention. I made an easy comparison to Kate Bush, but I agree that I could have given more thought to what I said. I have respect for Tori Amos as an artist and shouldn’t make simple assumptions about her art. I’m sorry.

Tori Amos Bergenfest 2015-2

We had a great festival and Thursday and Friday were “our days” this year. The most roots oriented stuff was on those two days. We took the night off, got drunk and had a ball at The Levellers’s show, a good way to end this years festival for us.

Thank you Bergenfest, for another very fine festival. See you again, next June!

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-Egil & Hallgeir

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  1. did you write this while you were still drunk? can’t you hire a proofreader?
    the sentences are basic in both thought and structure and the errors make it difficult to get through.
    not a blog to bookmark.

  2. Your point that most musicians are less talented than Kate Bush is well taken. However, I find myself curious as to your estimation of the performers who aren’t Tori Amos in relation to Ms. Bush.

    Are The Levellers more, or less, talented than Kate Bush? Perhaps the comparison doesn’t present itself between Ms. Bush and The Levellers because The Levellers are all male, and only females shall be considered in the context of other females. Okay. So then, what of Natalie Prass versus Kate Bush? Is Natalie Prass more talented or less talented than Kate Bush? Oh, Ms. Prass is known more for her guitar playing than for her keyboard playing?

    Then what you have decided, Egil and Hallgeir, is that only keyboard players with three holes shall be compared to Kate Bush. This seems both small-minded and sexist to me.

    As for the talents of Tori Amos with regard to nothing but the talents of Tori Amos, your lack of appreciation is your loss.

    1. I knew I would get some criticism for that one (and I probably deserve it). I consider both Levellers and Natalie Prass inferior to Kate Bush. I just was just thinking that Amos sounded a bit like Kate Bush and therefor did the comparison. I am sorry that it comes across as sexism, it was just an easy (too easy) way of saying what kind of soundscape I felt she operated in.

      I could say that gender played no part, but that would not be true. I will be more careful and less flippant about these matters in the future. I am sorry.

      Kind Regards,

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