April 28: Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson – KRLU-TV Studios, Austin, Texas 1993

bob dylan & Willie Nelson 1993

He [Willie Nelson] takes whatever thing he’s singing and makes it his. There’s not many people who can do that. Even something like an Elvis tune. You know, once Elvis done a tune, it’s pretty much done. But Willie is the only one in my recollection that has even taken something associated with Elvis and made it his. He just puts his sorta trip on it…
~Bob Dylan (28 April 1993)

From the filming of Willie Nelson 60th birthday party.

KRLU-TV Studios
Jesse H. Jones Communication Center Building B
The University of Texas At Austin
Austin, Texas
28 April 1993

    1. Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
    2. Hard Times (Stephen Foster)
      – Bob Dylan (vocal and guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Bucky Baxter (accordion) & Marty Stuart (mandolin).

  1. Pancho And Lefty (Townes van Zandt)
    – Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson (shared vocal and guitar) backed by The Healing Hands of Time Band:
    Reggie Young (guitar), Mark Goldenberg (guitar), Robbie Turner (pedal steel guitar), Marty Stuart (mandolin), Mickey Raphael (accordion), Benmont Tench (keyboards), Mark O’Connor (violin), Don Was (bass) & Kenny Aronoff (drums).

Official release

2-3 released on the VHS: Willie Nelson The Big Six-O: An All-Star Birthday Celebration, Fox Video 5934, released 2 February 1994.


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  1. Bob Dylan sure has Willie Nelson
    pegged , as many of us know Willie can pick up any song ( if he likes it) and give it his own lyrics and tune , & with that nightingale pitch blend in with any singer’s voice. The beauty of Bob Dylan & Willie on the song they sang is how much they are alike ( unique voice wise ) , great writing , humble , and their own men .

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