Elvis Costello Sings Bob Dylan – Happy Birthday Elvis Costello

Antoine De Caunes: There’s this guy who’s always speaking about you, Elvis Costello.
Bob Dylan: Elvis Costello, he’s pretty good.
Antoine De Caunes: You like his lyrics?
Bob Dylan: Yeah, I like “Everyday I Write the Book.”

-Antoine De Caunes Interview, Stade De L’Ouest, Nice, France (June 1984)

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello – born 25 August 1954.

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Here are 3 Bob Dylan covers by Elvis Costello and one video were they perform “I Shall Be Released” together in London 1995.

I Threw It All Away

Knocking On Heaven’s Door (1975)

License To Kill (from the album “Chimes of Freedom”)

I Shall Be Released (London – March 31, 1995)

I Shall Be Released (New York – July 26, 1999)


One thought on “Elvis Costello Sings Bob Dylan – Happy Birthday Elvis Costello”

  1. Egil: Being an old troubadour, (DOB April 13th, 1934) I enjoyed The Elvis Costello cover of “I Threw it all Away.” Here’s another for your list of interesting covers by old guys. One afternoon in the Shedd Studios here in Grand Junction, Colorado Jon James (the owner, videographer and multiple instrumentalist), and I were jamming and came up with an acoustical version of “Like a Rolling Stone.” It was a good take so we decided to fit it with lyrics on screen, some choice pictures of Bobby and turn it into a video. Jon added his musical skills playing tracks on piano, bass and drums, I sang and played guitar. When you listen keep your ears open for a great bass lick on the last verse. it was great fun for this elder fella’ and old friend of Bobby. I hope you enjoy it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_yz98VRaQY

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