The Best EPs of 2014

photo: alldylan
photo: alldylan

The Best EPs of 2014

There are many reasons to put out an EP—a taste an upcoming full-length, finding a way to release a collection of  b-sides, covers or other odds and ends.

There are several common threads in the choices we’ve made, you can find them without me pointing out the obvious.

The EP itself can be a variety of things. An 10-track collection or a three song collection…  The Ida Jenshus release could be counted as a full album release, and it would have in the Vinyl/LP days. Anyhow, these are the best of 2014:

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1. Ida Jenshus – Let it go:

The most ambitious and best release in Europe this year! …and I’m really looking forward to her new album.


2. Jonathan Wilson – Slide By:

Extremely good as always, and with the best cover this year, Angel.


3. The Black Angels – Clear Lake Forest:

This band is always a pleasure, both on record and in concert. This is  a great release!


4. Ryan Adams – 1984:

Better than this years album release, easy. Short and sweet songs.


5. Shooter Jennings – Don’t wait up (For George):

I admire his mission (Saving country music) and he is getting better at it every day.

dont wait up

6. Ed Harcourt – Time of dust:

He is sooo underrated, and should be listened to all over the world. This is a wonderful release from Ed Harcourt (again). This is dark and beautiful music.


– Hallgeir