Best @ Øyafestivalen 2012 – day3

      A bit “slow” in the beginning.. didn’t really kick off before GoTC got us jumping. You get a strong White Stripes vibe, especially when Dan Auerbach & Patrick Carney plays alone.. and that’s a good thing.
      Great “party blues rock”.. but not as great as Afghan Whigs on Thursday 🙂
      And btw.. it’s not before/after Danger Mouse.. it’s just: “The Black Keys”.
      Best Songs:
      Little Black Submarines, Lonely Boy & Gold on the Ceiling
      Lovely summer music. Sun, Beer, relaxing.. & listening to “Teenage Fanclub”… sorry.. Lightships. Yes, it’s much the same.. and that’s Good. Gerard Love has, after all, written many of TF’s best songs.

    Very cool stuff. Hard Rock Blues… with quite a few soul elements. Mr Maarud really rocked and gave us a fine start to “Friday @ Øya”.

    Well… it was fun.. and a bit fascinating. Lot of energy, irony, “bitches”, “niggaz”.. etc. But I guess that’s the deal. We @ JV might be a bit too old to really get this stuff.. and frankly.. I’m not that interested.

    Well at least we tried… and didn’t get it.
    They are quite good at what they do, but maybe the bookers at the Oyafestival this year have booked one too many of the melancholic women. I saw the whole concert but got bored, I would have loved to see them at a club where I could give them my full attention. I believe it would have suited them much better.

-Egil & Hallgeir @ Øyafestivalen 2012