Bob Dylan – 6th & last recording session for Highway 61 Revisited – 4 August 1965


“I never wanted to write topical songs,…. Have you heard my last two records, Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61? It’s all there. That’s the real Dylan.”
~Bob Dylan (to Frances Taylor – Aug 1965)

“If you had to sum up Highway 61 Revisited in a single sentence, suffice it to say that it is the album that invented attitude and raised it to an art form. Just take a look at the cover. Nobody from Johnny Rotten to Eminem has done it better to this day.
~Nigel Williamson (The Rough Guide To Bob Dylan)

Studio A
Columbia Recording Studios
New York City, New York
4 August 1965
The 6th & last Highway 61 Revisited session, produced by Bob Johnston

Overdub session with Bob Dylan (guitar) and Charlie McCoy (guitar, bass).

One final session was held on August 4, again at Studio A. Most of the session was devoted to completing “Desolation Row”. Johnston has related that Nashville musician Charlie McCoy was visiting New York, and he invited McCoy to play guitar at the session. According to some sources, seven takes of “Desolation Row” were recorded, and takes six and seven were spliced together for the master recording.McCoy holding a microphone onstage

Nashville sessions musician Charlie McCoy’s chance visit to New York resulted in the guitar flourishes accompanying “Desolation Row”, the last track on the album.



  1. Desolation Row
  2. Desolation Row
  3. Desolation Row
  4. Desolation Row
  5. Desolation Row
  6. Desolation Row
    6 and 7 edited into one track and released 30 August 1965

  7. Desolation Row
  8. Tombstone Blues

Recorded 1-4 pm.

bd 1965_10

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