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bob dylan

This is a collection of published posts @ JV including videos of Bob Dylan.
It will be updated along the way..

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87 thoughts on “Bob Dylan videos”

    1. Hi Cristiano,

      I’ve seen this, and thought about creating a “Bob Dylan Video” post… but forgot. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll publish later today.. I guess 🙂


  1. Here’s a video In found on the net: “Make you feel my love” from Sursee, Switzerland 2011.
    I have seen this show and it was absolutely fanatastic. Bob was really on fire that lovely summer evening. I think this version of MYFML ist just fantastic, great singing great guitar playing und a nice shift of lyrics “you ain’t found nobody to replace me yet”. True, is it?
    I hope you like this video (the sound is pretty good)

    Greetings from Switzerland


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