Bob Dylan: Mercy On Us (Oh Mercy outtakes)


Since we just posted: Bob Dylan: Infidels outtakes (Rough cuts) it feels right to get this post flying as well.

Great outtakes from the “Oh Mercy” sessions.

The Studio
New Orleans, Louisiana
7-29 March 1989

Shooting Star I
God Knows I
God Knows II
What Good Am I?
Most Of The Time I
Everything Is Broken
Political World
Born In Time
Shooting Star II
Disease Of Conceit
Ring Them Bells
Most Of The Time II
What Was It You Wanted
Series Of Dreams I
Series Of Dreams II
Series Of Dreams III

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3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan: Mercy On Us (Oh Mercy outtakes)”

  1. Thanks Egil. How beautiful are these early takes of ‘Shooting Star’? Dylan is a receptor to a great melodious spirit here, trying to tap in, and transmit the results to the listener. I know what he meant in Chronicles now when he discussed the writing of this song. So beautiful.

  2. Oh Mercy will always hold a special place n my heart. I only came to Dylan in the mid 80’s – and while I lapped up all his old work, I had to live through Empire Burlesque, KOL and DITG – all of which I was disappointed by. I was beginning to wonder if he had anything left …. and then Oh Mercy arrived – and my faith was restored !

    In retrospect, it isnt one of his great albums, in my view, but it sure felt like it at the time.
    As usual, the outtakes show that it could have been a whole lot better … Series of Dreams, Dignity, Born In Time … sigh …

    1. Thanks for the story Marcus, I have pretty much the same “Dylan story” myself. Oh Mercy felt unbelievably good when it was released… it stills holds up well, but it is not among his 10/15 best albums.

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